press release - open call results

Cyprus Participation at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition

22 May - 21 November 2021,

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth - Cultural Services, and Cyprus Architects Association, announce the proposals that will contribute to the dialogues opened up in relation to the project Anachoresis: Upon Inhabiting Distances, curated by Marina Christodoulidou, Era Savvides, Evagoras Vanezis and Nasios Varnavas.

Following the open call, which attracted 27 proposals from architects and multidisciplinary teams that come from or are connected to Cyprus, the curatorial team reviewed the submissions and compiled the selection of proposals. The team notes on the selection rationale:

“The open call invited architects and multidisciplinary teams to respond to our proposed theme which develops upon the potentialities of creating new means and spaces for being together. The aim is to cultivate through architecture an awareness around the natural and social dimensions of collectivity and community, which are in constant flux, as they currently re-form themselves.

The proposals study and re-envision spaces and social environments through the lens of collectivity, the reconstruction of the inside and the outside, the urban and the domestic landscape, gender and sociality, game, architectural traditions, technology and virtual space. The models proposed will be hosted on the architectural table, in line with its horizontal design and the curatorial methodology in relation to the pavilion’s research on inhabiting distances.

The collaboration amongst emerging architects, both Cypriot and from abroad, who are connected to the island, constitutes a basic characteristic of the proposals. The process and the contributions undoubtedly partake in a dialogue with the local and wider community of architects and researchers. We wish that our collaborations will energise substantial and ongoing discussions around the social and cultural environment of Cyprus”.

The contributing proposals are:

  • “Desire Lines”: Dakis Panayiotou, Theodoulos Polyviou (Cyprus, Germany)

  • “Ecologies of Clutter”: Mariza Daouti, Eftychios Savvidis (United Kingdom, Cyprus)

  • “Emergency Re-appropriation”, Studio Naama: Natalie Savva, Mark Rist (United Kingdom, Cyprus)

  • “Firepit for the Storyteller”: Serhan Ahmet-Tekbas, Thanasis Ikonomou (United Kingdom, USA)

  • “Long Days Bed”: Eleni Diana Elia, Kleanthis Rousos (Cyprus)

  • “Metro-polis”: Christophoros Kyriakides, Orestis Kyriakides (Cyprus)

  • “Peripatetic Landscapes”: Emilio Koutsoftides, Gabor Stark (Cyprus, United Kingdom)

  • “Spread the Secret”: Wet-Hard Agency, Kleanthis Kyriakou, Regner Ramos (United Kingdom, Puerto Rico)

  • “Tactics of Urban Re-humanisation”: Charis Nika, Sebastian Koukkides (Holland, Cyprus)

  • “The city within”: Rania Francis, Gergana Popova (United Kingdom, Βulgaria)

  • “The Hut”: Eleonora Antoniadou, Nayia Savva (United Kingdom, Cyprus)

  • “Vertical Gardens”: Urban Gorillas, Veronika Antoniou, Teresa Tourvas (Japan, Cyprus)

The Cyprus Pavilion will be hosted at Associazione Culturale Spiazzi. The full programme of the exhibition will be announced in due time.

The 17th International Architecture Exhibition - Venice Biennale will open on May 19th for the media and accredited professionals and on May 21st for the public.


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